Fede Pouso

Fede Pouso x Piezā, a special edition

born: Montevideo, Uruguay
based: Madrid, Spain

bio: Fede Pouso was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1988. Graduated in 2010 as Fashion and Textile Designer, he begins his professional career at an early age as an assistant and right-hand from one of the most important haute couture designers in his native country.
At the age of 23 he began working as a stylist in numerous fashion editorials for the top magazines in Uruguay. As art director and producer he works creating campaigns and visual content for designers and fashion brands and becomes part of the direction and art team of the Uruguayan Fashion Week.
Since 2015 he is based in Madrid, Spain, the land of his immigrant parents, where he ventures into crafts as a figurist and theater costume designer. His foray into the world of visual arts arises from watching his mother painting when he was as a child.
He thus becomes a self-taught artist in Madrid, exploring always new paths that force him to leave his comfort zone. In his works, he uses fashion, painting, and color as a means of transmitting a way of seeing the world, seeking to communicate what harms and generates love.
Fede Pouso feels passionate about people who go against the current and dedicate their time and his life to show that we are not preprogrammed, that we are not a simple piece of chess and that love, our love, is the only cure.
he is currently obsessed with: color and interior decoration.
when nobody is watching: I'm doing my beauty routine.
on her last day on earth, he would: eat a huge dinner made by his mom with all the people he loves. 
achievements: Featured in the "Woman is Art" exposition, by Vogue