Gilberto Rex

born: Mexico City, Mexico
based: Monterrey, Mexico

bio: " I'm 27 years old and I'm a photographer and creative director based in Monterrey, México. I'm a very eclectic individual. I enjoy very much art in every form, and I try to think of art in an expansive way. I think things like graffiti or cross-dressing can be amazing forms of art. I am a music lover, I believe there are many gods, many ways of loving, many different cultures and I try to respect every one of them, as long as they don't mess with everyone else's human rights."
achievements: " I was part of the selection of CONARTE's Emerging Images 2020 in Nuevo León. I was featured in CREAM Magazine, and have worked for brands like Tequila Don Julio and LEVIS."
Gilberto is currently obsessed with: an urban art project he is working on. A movie called In Fabric, Heaven to a Tortured Mind by Yves Tumor, and the latest song by Matmos.
when nobody is watching: he is dancing his ass off.
on her last day on earth, he would: be thankful for what he's got, and gracefully say goodbye to it.