Sabrina Srur

born: Buenos Aires, Argentina
based: Montevideo, Uruguay

bio: Sabrina Srur (b. Buenos Aires, 1988) is a Montevideo-based photographer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication (2010) from ORT Uruguay. She completed several courses and workshops in ECU, Fotoclub, and CdF in Montevideo during her college years, and also attended programs in New York City such as Photography & Digital Video Summer Program (2011) at Parsons, Lens and Screen Arts Summer Residency (2012) at SVA and Creative Practices Program (2020) at ICP, where she was awarded the Arnold Newman Scholarship. In 2011 she co-founded the shoe fashion brand MUTMA, where she developed as brand director and photographer until 2018. This background in commercial photography influenced the visual language in her work, which investigates kinfolk identity and femininity through staged portraits and still lifes, inspired by her family's archive. 
achievements:  Her project was selected to participate in MUFF (2020) (, the Montevideo Photo Festival. She is also part of the AUCH artist collective and her work is featured in online publications such as Hungry Art ( and Fotodemic (, among others.
Sabrina is currently obsessed with: her mother's portraits as a fashion model in the 80's
when nobody is watching: she is watching you. 
on her last day on earth, she would: try to avoid looking at her phone