Shahrnaz Javid

born: Louisville, USA
based: Antwerp, Belgium

bio: " Every time I'm prompted for a bio, I write a new bio. So here are the facts: I'm 27, writer, photographer, new mother and in the middle reversing my parents immigrant story by fueling my own. For the same reasons they went to the United States, I have returned to the EU- for a better life, better education, accessibility and exposure. Lastly, I'm happiest in the sun."
achievements: " I've participated in my fair share of group exhibitions, my first being ICP's Body Talk in 2018, followed by CICA's Colors 2019 exhibition in Seoul. I've shot with numerous music artists and debuted projects with DJ/producer Ariel Zetina via Paper Magazine."
Shahrnaz is currently obsessed with: her child and defunding the police and refunding education & other community needs.
when nobody is watching: she writes poetry, reworks old photographs, reads and tweezes her eyebrows.
on her last day on earth, she would: swim in the ocean till the waves wash her away.