About us

What is Pieza? 

Pieza is an online art store. We offer more than just your typical wall art. Born in Amsterdam but with a global perspective, our team brings you curated art prints from emerging artists located all over the world. We believe in the importance of what’s happening in the now, and our curated wall art reflects it. You will find only the freshest and boldest pieces. 

Pieza is all about bringing inspirational art prints closer to your home. 

What do we do? 

At Pieza, we curate photography prints, paintings, and illustrations. We explore the digital and physical world to find fresh new talent, handpicking pieces that drive emotion and have a distinct story behind them. Our love for captivating storylines within modern art prints is never-ending. We work with creators of raw talent and trust their creative process. They always deliver art with identity for us to produce. 

We assemble high-quality framed and unframed wall art prints for your home from the curated art pieces we so carefully select. You can place them in any room of your house to add a personal touch and light up the ambiance. By choosing our pieces , you are supporting the early career of spirited emerging artists. You are investing in creative talent while taking a unique piece of wall art home with you. 

Why are we so passionate about curated art prints? 

Ultimately, we created Pieza from our desire to share art and surfacing talent with the world. Our curated art prints are the bridge between you and all the talented emerging artists we work with. We believe that modern art prints are more than what meets the eye at a first glance - there are countless stories and anecdotes hiding underneath the surface of our curated wall art. 

All framed prints are custom made and manufactured by demand, to avoid over-production and remain sustainable. Our prices are fair, as we wish to make art more accessible to everyone. We also use our different channels, like our Instagram page and our blog, to tell the personal story of every artist. You will find the creator’s bio with every painting, illustration, and photography prints collection as well, so you can learn more about the emerging artists behind all pieces. This aspiration to make your home unique through one-of-a-kind visual stories sets us apart as an online art store. 

How we got here: 

Pieza began as a realization. Like many passionate ideas, it came from a place of filling an industry gap. It all started in the Amsterdam apartment of founder Carolina Sosa Abo. Back when she had just moved to the city, Carolina found herself staring at a blank space in her new, unfurnished place. As a photographer with a love for art and creativity, the first thing she noticed about her flat was the dreadfully empty walls. 

Carolina knew she needed to make something beautiful with the blank walls of the place, so she searched for accessible and original framed artwork. Much to her disappointment, the prices were too high or the pieces resulted from mass production with cliche designs. That was the moment Pieza became a project. Carolina started designing the project and sourcing samples from her own photographs, which turned into the first art prints for her home. With time, and alongside her former business partner, Lalo Normey, Pieza transformed into the online art store you are at. 

Today, Pieza is here to breach the gap between you and your new favorite pieces of original artwork.