21th of April, 2020

We know these are special times, and keeping “business as usual” does not feel right to us. After giving it a lot of thought, it became clear that we have to do something. 

First things first, we all know what our first task is clear: stay at home. Many of us are lucky to have a place we call home, and we should be absolutely grateful for this. May we never take it for granted. 

Yet, not all of us have the same privilege, therefore we want to reach out and help those who have no option but to be out there, working. For the whole  month of April, Piezā will donate 100% of its profits to Doctors Without Borders, who are now fighting this virus in the toughest situations imaginable. To find out more about their work go to:

Make your home pretty whilst helping those who are out there fighting right now.

Because if something is clear, is that the only way to overcome this crisis is together. May the future finds us more caring and loving than before.

With love,



NOTE ON FULFILMENT & SHIPPING: currently, our European fulfilment operations are running as normal, please expect a slight 2-3 days delay on fulfilment to the US. Overall shipments are experiencing delays of +/- a week  due to limited transportation methods and high volumes during customs processes.