NUDE XXVI by Fede Pouso - unframed print

NUDE XXVI by Fede Pouso - unframed print

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NUDE XXVI by Fede Pouso

year: 2019
artist description: "My work exposes a moment of intimacy, representing an instance of connection and celebration with the body.
It shows our protagonists in a moment of acceptance and admiration over their own bodies. 
These women to me represent those girlfriends from childhood who accepted me into their groups of women without doubting nor asking, those women who integrated me into their personal and intimate life, who protected me of all mistreatment in the eyes of other men for not being sufficiently masculine. 
The protagonists of this series invite us to undress. They open their intimacy and thoughts, like my girlfriends once did with me. They tell us their deepest secrets, invite us to contemplate them through a healing eye.
My work proposes a journey where the colors represent a state of mind and energy that inhabits these bodies, that speaks of happiness and closeness with oneself. I refer to that moment that we all arrive to when we feel comfortable with ourselves, where the doubts disappear and the personal power appears, where the connection with the body speaks of the acceptance and love that we must achieve."
original technique: acrylic paint on paper 370 grms BASIK

product details:

  • unframed print available in sizes: 21x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 50x70 cm and 61 x 91 cm.
  • image cropped to size.
  • museum-quality, made on thick and durable matte paper.
  • giclée-printed on archival, acid-free paper.
  • paper thickness: 10.3 mil
  • paper weight: 192 g/m²
  • opacity: 94%